Add Verbum to a meeting

Verbum Teams User guide

Welcome to Verbum Teams quick guide!

As a team member of any organization included, you will be able to see, install and
use Verbum's application in Microsoft Teams for desktop or web browser.

This is how you add Verbum to your Microsoft Teams meetings ⬇️

peligro   Important!

            Verbum is a bot, installing Verbum App in your Teams workspace won't              add the  bot automatically in every meeting.

            Verbum Bot will only be automatically added in recurring meetings                    once installed inside the meeting.

            As an attendee, you can join meetings and you will be able to see the                bot and Verbum's panel if you are part of the organization. External &                  Guests won't be able to see it (yet)

            Bot will not interfere with your presentation or anything at all. Verbum                App will help you translate and transcribe in real-time.