How to install it? How to set up the account?

As a product company user guided (we are focused on Business to Business clients) the application will be installed in the Microsoft Teams Apps.

Users will only need to go to +Apps, search for Verbum (sometimes you don’t need to search, it will appear in installed apps)

If you do not see this, please contact your administrator to make sure you are added into the apps approved by your organization.

Verbum Teams is an application inside Microsoft Teams, which means you can easily access it from any device with an internet connection and by using Microsoft Teams.

  1. Login to Microsoft Teams 
  2. Click in your calendar in the left menu
  3. Click “Meet Now” or “New Meeting” 
  4. Click “Start Meeting”
  5. Then, click “Join Now”
  6. Once you are inside the call, click on the + Apps
  7. Select the App called: Verbum Meetings by OneMeta
  8. You will see a pop up with a quick explanation of the application. First Step is for you to select your preferred languages. And accept the Terms & Conditions. 
  9. The "Save" button will now be active and you will proceed to the next step. Click "Save"
  10. Verbum Panel will open up. Verbum Bot will connect automatically to your call and you can select your Spoken Language and the Chat and Captions Language
  11. You can also customize which font you want to see in your CC. Once your font and languages are selected, click "Exit Settings"
  12. You will see Verbum's Panel on the right. Click "Pop up CC" to see your subtitles in real time.
  13. You can now start speaking and you will see subtitles in your selected language!