How should I use VerbumCall if I am a Call Center representative?

This article will guide you and provide tips at using VerbumCall if you are a Call Center representative

Welcome to VerbumCall! 

VerbumCall is an over-the-phone interpreter that seamlessly integrates into your existing system. To ensure you have the best possible experience with VerbumCall, we have provided some helpful tips to quickly familiarize yourself with its usage.

What to expect when using VerbumCall?

1. Upon activating VerbumCall, and based on your Company request, the system will greet you with a welcome message confirming the selected languages, a customized greeting, or just a tone indicating you can start the call.  

2. Once you hear the tone, feel free to start speaking.

Tips to improve the user experience.

Take pauses.

VerbumCall operates as a consecutive OPI, which means it is important to take pauses or turns during each interaction. Verbum will start interpreting once you have finished speaking.

Speak clearly.

To enhance your experience with VerbumCall, we recommend speaking in a clear, calm, and simple manner instead of using long and complex sentences. VerbumCall can recognize and interpret short sentences more easily.

Avoid overlaps.

To ensure smooth communication, please avoid speaking over the translator or other participants on the call. If you do, VerbumCall may attempt to interpret simultaneously, causing interruptions and potential confusion.

Reduce background noise.

If you are working in a noisy environment with other ongoing calls, we suggest muting your microphone after you finish speaking. This will allow VerbumCall to interpret, listen to your client, interpret their message, and then you can unmute your microphone when it's your turn to speak again. This will ensure clear and uninterrupted communication.

Most common troubleshooting?

1. What should you do if you don't hear VerbumCall translating after you speak?

If both participants speak simultaneously during the call, VerbumCall may not interpret accurately. In such cases, it is recommended to wait a few seconds and then speak again using a shorter phrase. This will help VerbumCall to interpret more effectively.

2. What should you do if you feel that the interpretation provided by VerbumCall was not completely accurate or if you are unsure about what was just said?

If you feel that the interpretation provided by VerbumCall was not completely accurate or if you are unsure about what was said, it is possible that VerbumCall did not accurately understand your client's language. In such cases, when it is your turn to speak, kindly ask your client to repeat their message and suggest that they do so slowly and clearly. This will help ensure effective communication.

Thank you for your participation in using VerbumCall!

We appreciate your feedback. For any questions, assistance, or to request the training of VerbumCall for a specific language to improve accuracy, please contact our support team at 

We are here to help and ensure that your VerbumCall experience is the best it can be.