What are the benefits of Verbum for MS Teams?


Closed Captions improve accessibility by providing real-time text display of spoken language during meetings, making it easier for participants who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speak different languages to follow along.


It fosters inclusivity by ensuring that everyone, regardless of their hearing abilities or language proficiency, can fully engage in meetings and discussions.

Enhanced Understanding:

Transcriptions allow participants to review meeting content afterward, enabling better retention of information and clarifying discussions or points that might have been missed or misunderstood.

Improved Focus:

Participants can concentrate on the meeting content without worrying about missing critical information, enabling better engagement and focus during discussions.

Remote Collaboration:

Transcriptions make it easier for remote team members or those in different time zones to catch up on meetings they couldn't attend live, ensuring they stay informed and involved.

Searchability and Reference:

Users can easily search through meeting transcriptions for specific keywords or topics, making it simpler to find and reference key discussions or decisions made during meetings.

Documentation and Compliance:

Transcriptions can serve as documentation for compliance or record-keeping purposes, helping companies adhere to regulations or maintain records of important discussions.

Language Support:

Closed Captions and Transcriptions support multiple languages, enabling multinational teams or meetings involving participants who speak different languages to understand the content easily.

These features not only facilitate communication but also support productivity and collaboration inside Teams using Verbum, ensuring that information is accessible and comprehensible for all participants.