What are the VerbumCall Roles and Features?

VerbumCall Admin

VerbumCall Admin is the role in charge of creating agents and assigning them the available virtual numbers. Admin user can also check the logs information for each assigned number, and download reports if needed.  


VerbumCall Admin Dashboard Phone Numbers

VerbumCall Admin can see all available numbers in the Dashboard page

VerbumCall Admin Dashboard Agents

VerbumCall Admin can see all set up agents or create a new one if needed. In this case, for this example, there are not set up agents so we will need to create a new one.


VerbumCall Admin Agent Creation

Once the VerbumCall Admin clicks on the “Create Agent” option, the screen with all information needed for an agent will show up. In this section, admin can upload a profile picture for the agent, set up an Agent ID of its preference, fill the agent´s first and last name, create an username, link an email for the agent account and assign any of the available numbers for the agent to perform the calls in the VerbumCall Portal.

Once this process has been made, the “Save” button will activate to create the agent account. Agent should receive an email, to the address provided when creating the account, confirming the creation of the account and a link to set up his password for the VerbumCall Portal.

VerbumCall Admin Log Section

The VerbumCall Admin has the capability to review call log information for each type of call. 'Inbound Calls' refer to calls made using the 'One Device Two Languages' (1D2L) feature. 'Outbound Calls' are those initiated through the VerbumCall portal using the 'Two Devices Two Languages' (2D2L) functionality. Lastly, 'SIP Calls' are calls made when VerbumCall services are utilized through integration with other systems.

The VerbumCall Admin has the capability to download transcripts of selected calls in various formats including .DOCX, .TXT, .PDF, and .SRT. Additionally, the audio file of the call can be downloaded in .mp3 format. The Admin also has the option to share these call transcripts via phone number or email in all the aforementioned formats. Moreover, the Admin has the authority to delete the call data for individual calls.

VerbumCall Admin Insights Section

The VerbumCall Administrator has access to a comprehensive overview of call analytics via the Insights dashboard. Administrators can review detailed metrics for all calls conducted through the virtual numbers associated with their account. This includes the total number of outbound and inbound calls, as well as specific statistics such as the longest call duration and the average call duration. Additionally, the Insights feature provides information on language usage, displaying the percentage of calls conducted in each available language. For a more granular analysis, the dashboard allows the selection of a time frame, like December 2023, to filter the data accordingly.

VerbumCall Admin Profile Section

VerbumCall Admin can review all assigned agent to its account, edit profile information and review again Call History or Metrics, in the profile section. 

VerbumCall Admin About Section

VerbumCall Admin and Agent, can review VerbumCall current version

VerbumCall Agent Dashboard

VerbumCall Agent can visualize available virtual numbers to perform 2 device 2 languages calls. These number are assigned by the account’s administrator.  Clicking on one of these number will take the agent to the Set up Call steps.

VerbumCall Agent Set Up Call

When clicking on one of the assigned virtual numbers, to set up a call Agent must fill the phone numbers and country code fields, and the spoken language for caller, and receiver, this data is mandatory. Agent can optionally set up a caller and receiver name, as well as set up greeting messagefor the receiver to hear. If greeting is not set up, receiver will hear a default greeting. 

To begin with the call, the agent must click on the “Call” button. This button will activate once all mandatory fields have been filled. Once the call is connected, the agent may finish the call by pressing the “End Call” button. 

While the call is active, VerbumCall will begin the transcription service, making a difference between what the caller and the receiver are saying. Once the call has ended, transcript will be available to share or download. Agent can also clear transcript if desired. 

VerbumCall Agent Log and Insights Section

Agent can see the call logs only for his assigned numbers, as well as download and share the transcript, download the audio file and delete data info. 

Agent can also review the insights for the calls performed.

VerbumCall Agent Profile Section

Agent can review profile information and edit name or profile picture if needed.