What are the main features of VerbumCall?

Learn about the most important benefits and features of VerbumCall

AI-driven speech-to-speech interpretation: 

Leverages advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to provide accurate and efficient consecutive interpretation between different spoken languages during phone calls.

Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI): 

Offers a practical and convenient solution for interpreting conversations in real-time, facilitating clear communication and understanding between parties.

Consecutive interpretation: 

Delivers interpretation services in a sequential manner, ensuring that each speaker's message is accurately conveyed before the conversation proceeds, providing ample time for accurate interpretation.

Support for multiple languages: 

Accommodates a wide range of languages, catering to diverse user needs and enabling effective communication across language barriers.

Easy integration with existing phone systems: 

Designed for seamless integration with existing phone infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free implementation.

High-quality audio: 

Utilizes advanced audio processing techniques to ensure clear and intelligible speech for both parties during the interpreted phone calls.

Scalable solution: 

Can be easily scaled to accommodate various call volumes and user demands, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Secure and compliant: 

Prioritizes data security and adheres to industry standards and regulations, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of all phone conversations.

Transcription services: 

Offers the ability to generate written transcriptions of the interpreted phone calls, creating an accurate record of the conversations for future reference and analysis. Down able.