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OneMeta AI Announces Expanded Vision and Market Share

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

OneMeta AI is expanding its products offering to provide unparalleled opportunities for organizations to accelerate their adoption of Artificial Intelligence technologies in order to be more competitive in academia, medical, metaverse, gaming, and business conferencing.

The Artificial Intelligence market is growing fast and poised to become a great contributor to companies to stay competitive in the market.

Las Vegas, Nevada, August 8, 2022/PRNewswire/OneMeta AI ( (OTCMarkets:ONEI). Today OneMeta AI announced expanded vision and market share for its company. OneMeta AI’s vision is to help organizations throughout the world to achieve their full potential. “OneMeta AI is highly focused in identifying solutions that will enhance our human potential” says Saul Leal, CEO of OneMeta AI; “from behavioral analytics to natural language processing and from sentiment analysis to complex decision making; Artificial intelligence will help companies create a competitive advantage in the market place. OneMeta AI is uniquely positioned to build its products in an innovative and pragmatic way.”

In their Global Artificial Intelligence Market Report, The Business Research Company stated “The market is expected to reach $99.9 billion in 2023 at a [compound annual growth] rate of 34.86%. Growing investment in AI technologies contributes to the growth of the artificial intelligence market.”

“OneMeta AI’s product innovation team and go-to-market experience is agile and effective. Its approach to validate product market fit is unique.” Saul Leal continues, “We live in unprecedented times, the amount of data to process decisions is growing by the minute; companies need artificial intelligence services to survive in the present and years to come. I am enthusiastic about the demand and the services that OneMeta AI will be providing”

About OneMeta AI

ONEMETA AI is a stack of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies that solve everyday problems with an innovative and pragmatic approach. From Natural Language Processing to Sentiment Analytics and from Behavioral Prediction to Metaverse enhancement, OneMeta AI is solving problems that elevate our human potential and disrupt our economies.

For more information, please contact:

Onemeta AI.


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