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Our Products

OneMeta AI™ products and solutions help your organization succeed in a multilingual, cross-border world.

Speak. Hear. Read. Understand.

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Verbum™ delivers near-realtime language translations, transcriptions, and closed captioning in 82 languages.

Primary Benefits

  • On-the-Fly Audio Translation

  • On-the-Fly Text Translation & Transcription

  • On-Site Multilingual Event/Meeting Translation & Transcription

  • Multilingual Transcription in Near-Realtime

  • Multilingual Online Chat

Primary Features

  • Near-realtime translation, transcription, and closed captioning (~1 second)

  • 92—97% accuracy

  • 82 languages & 40 dialects supported

  • Up to 50 simultaneous users

  • Removes need for multilingual customer support reps

  • Works on any web-connected smartphone, tablet, and computer

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Verbum: Hearing is Believing™.

In a 10- to 15-minute online demonstration you will hear and see for yourself how to Verbum can transform your multilingual business/organizational communications immediately, both in the spoken and written word. But don’t take our word for it; learn for yourself. Now.

We integrate with your ecosystem.

Our products address today's multilingual and cross-border market communication requirements.

These products can be incorporated seamlessly into your regular operations, facilitating better communication within your employees, customers, and partners.


Maintain immediate and effective communication with your customers by interacting in their native language.

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