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Creating a more understanding world.

Translation and Communication AI solutions for anyone.

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Connect with anyone, anytime in any language


VerbumSuite supports 150+ languages to translate and transcribe over the phone, video, or in person.


Break down language barriers

With 95% accuracy in over 150 languages.


Empower the workforce


Enable effective collaboration across boundaries.


Enhanced Customer Experience


Handle technical and industry-specific jargon

Customer Testimonials

"Having English translations with VerbumOnSite on the screen was particularly helpful for those speakers' spouses and guests who didn't speak Spanish but wanted to be part of the experience. It was heartwarming to see them on stage and witness the event's inclusivity in action."

Mariela RomeroLatin American Conference on Transformation

"It is really accurate... I think people can follow along with what the speaker is saying in real time"

Luis Soto
Archdiocese Of Oklahoma City