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Call Centers

Seamless over-the-phone AI interpretation for global communication.

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VerbumCall: Your Call Center's Multilingual Solution

In today's globalized business landscape, Call Centers face the challenge of serving a diverse, multilingual customer base. VerbumOS, powered by cutting-edge AI technology and offering translations in  +150 languages, provides the ultimate solution with VerbumCall.

Streamline your operations, deliver exceptional service, and ensure effective communication with every caller, regardless of language differences.

Benefits for Call Centers.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: With immediate, accurate translation, ensure every customer feels heard and valued, building trust and brand loyalty.

Global Market Expansion: Cater to clients worldwide, breaking down language barriers and tapping into broader markets.

Operational Efficiency: Reduce wait times and the need for multilingual staff, streamlining operations and saving costs.

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Use Cases for Call Centers with VerbumCall:


Instant Translation

Handle calls with clients from different linguistic backgrounds using real-time speech-to-speech translation, ensuring clear and efficient communication.



Multilingual Support

No need to hire agents fluent in multiple languages. VerbumCall enables all agents to effectively serve a diverse clientele, ensuring no call remains unanswered due to language limitations.


Training & Quality Control

With the ability to transcribe and translate calls, monitor and maintain quality standards, and provide targeted training to staff based on multilingual interactions.

Transform your Call Center with the power of VerbumCall