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AI powered translator and transcription API.

Your app, our technology. Deliver translation and transcription in +150 languages with easy connection to our API made for anyone, anywhere, anytime.
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AI-powered translation, interpretation, and transcription multilingual solution.

Out-innovate your competitors by enhancing your product or application with real-time translation, interpretation, and transcription in 150+ languages with context and sentiment, delivering greater than 95% accuracy.

Key Features

VerbumAPI seamlessly adds translation, interpretation, and transcription to your products and services.  Surprise your customers with an amazing, inclusive experience.
Speech-to-text, speech-to-text, and text-to-text capabilities.
Our patented AI technology will translate, interpret, and transcribe every interaction with a  genuine multilingual experience.

Are you ready to shatter boundaries?

In mere seconds, your phone can make the impossible call in any of the over 150 languages we support - you choose!